Thomas Zavros | Things to do and see in Cyprus

Latsia, Cyprus

Located South East of Nicosia, Latsia is a small village with Nicosia General Hospital and the new campus of the University of Cyprus. Civilisation there dates back to the Hellenistic period (325-50 B.C.). It now includes several attractions such as the numerous places for souvlaki and the garden centre. 


Places for Souvlaki

  • Tria Syn Ena  - Located in Latsia. I could not find the actual website for this place but, based on Trip Adviser's website link suggestion, everyone who eats there is excessively hairy! 
  • Souvlaki Bar - Located in Nicosia. We have not tried it but the Trip Advisor reviews are pretty good.


General Cyprus


Places for Food

  • El Pueblo - The best Mexican food I have ever had and it is in Cyprus!

Places for coffee

  • Octana, Nicosia - Situated in the picturesque old town of Nicosia, this place is a little pricey but a nice experience.


Historical Sites

  • Paphos Amphitheatre - Situated at the other end of the island, but still on the Greek side, this is particularly good for live concert events. At time of writing this, it is too far in advance for June events to be listed so it will be worth checking closer to the time
  • Pattichion Amphitheatre, Larnaca - Closer to Nicosia than Paphos, and also used as a venue for concerts in the evenings.


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